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GHASSOUL black clay in fine powder

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Ghassoul, "which washes soil," is a natural black clay and rich in minerals and trace elements.

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Ghassoul, "which washes soil," is a natural black clay and rich in minerals and trace elements.
It is used for many years by Orientals women not only care for their hair but also skin.

Our black clay is of very high quality and is carefully reduced to a fine powder.

It is particularly recommended for oily hair root in lack of volume as it regulates sebum secretion and the fight against dandruff and hair loss.
It is also a conditioner for all hair types.

Unlike shampoos, ghassoul natural contains no surfactant and cleans in a physical process.
It is a 100% natural.

It is also an excellent purifying for oily acne prone recommended in skin inflammation.

Tips Souk Oriental !

- Recipe 1:
Mix in ghassoul rose hydrosol or mineral water to obtain a smooth paste (it disintegrates and swells to form a very soft dough), wet hair, apply the paste on all hair, massage the scalp gently and let stand about 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly while brushing. Ghassoul adds volume and shine to hair.

- Recipe 2:

Ghassoul: 50 g
Mineral water: a few drops
Egg yolk: 1
Add a few drops of warm mineral water ghassoul stirring to obtain a smooth paste, then add the egg yolk.
Apply this paste on your hair from scalp to ends. Let dry 15 minutes and rinse ...

- Mix the black clay of the hydrosol orange blossom or rose, or mineral water, then apply the paste on the face.
Its exfoliating texture absorbs impurities and fats. Let act ten minutes. For very dry skin, you can add to the mixture of sweet almond oil, argan or essential oils.

Ghassoul, thanks to its exceptional ability to determine the fat and the pumping of water has become an inescapable part of all rituals of the hammam.

Ghassoul: 50 g
Honey: 10 ml
Lemon juice: 10 ml
Milk: a few drops
Vegetable Oil Sweet Almond or Argan: a few drops

Mix all ingredients in order to obtain a dough soft and smooth
Apply this paste on face and / or body, allow to dry for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Sold in packs of 200g.


Bonne qualité facile a utiliser. Un démêlant naturel


    Conforme. Et un bonheur de retrouver des produits de qualité. . je recommande vivement vos produits . Professionnalisme dans la préparation et l'expédition. Je repasserai commande


      Excellent produit. Je recommande. Et je repasserai commande. Idem commande bien emballée et réception rapide du colis


        Bon produit, effet de gommage garanti, l'élément indispensable du hammam


          Bon produit apparemment, pas d'intolérance sur la peau.


            Un petit rappel de l'utilisation aurait été utile avec le sachet. Merci


              Excellent produit qui rend la peau très douce au toucher.


                ghassoul de bonne qualité , parfait pour remplir son pot vide .

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