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Natural ground fenugreek - 400g

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In the Arab world, this spice is called "Helbah" or "Helbeh.

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In the Arab world, this spice is called "Helbah" or "Helbeh.

In the kitchen :
- In Moroccan cuisine, it is used mainly in "R'fissa" based dish msemen (flaky Moroccan pancakes), chicken, onions and a few lenses.

Very good and often used after childbirth to give strength. The bsissa in entails.

- Not to mention the powder colombo in Caribbean cuisine, which also contains this spice.

- Fenugreek can also be incorporated into the Egyptian bread.

In seed or powder, fenugreek has many properties:

Virtues and other uses:

- This spice is known for stimulating appetite: Dilute 1 / 2 teaspoon fenugreek powder in a glass of water and drink on waking. Undergo treatment for a few weeks.
- Fenugreek is also good for diabetes and cholesterol (acts on fat metabolism).
- It treats stomach pain, fever, chronic cough, bronchitis, colds.
- Strengthens metabolism

However, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

Fenugreek sold by Oriental Souk comes directly from Tunisia, where the spice is ground and prepared the traditional way, by hand.

All our spices are pure dye free, preservative or adding others (such as starch ...)

Sold per 400 grams


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