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High quality ground Alep Zgougou pine seed paste.

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It is for the preparation of the famous Assida Zgougou, is a typically Tunisian dessert, very popular, it is generally prepared to celebrate the moulin nabawi charif (the birthday of the prophet Mohamed)

It is a sweet cream made from Aleppo pine seeds, decorated with a small layer of vanilla custard and decorated with dried fruits, sugared ...

Hyper delicious, a marriage between the raw and strong side of the pine seeds of Aleppo and the sweet vanilla cream that softens the slight bitterness of zgougou.


For 500gr of Aleppo Pine ZGOUGOU it is necessary to:

- 2.5 liters of water
- between 250 and 350gr of flour
- 300 gr of sugar
- Dry fruits for garnish

Mix 500g zgougou paste in 2 liters of cold water. Stir well. You can use a mixer.

Filter 4 to 5 times the mixture with a fine sieve

Mix the flour in 1/2 liter of water.

Mix everything homogeneously, then pour into the pan and add the sugar.

Cook the liquid over low heat stirring slowly without stopping for 30 minutes

For a better taste, add condensed milk and rose water or geranium.

As soon as the cream thickens and becomes homogeneous and unctuous, remove from heat.

Pour into prepared bowls.

Once cooled, you can add pastry cream for decoration (about 1 cm) You can decorate at your leisure bowls with dried fruit, dragee ...

Zgougou alep pine seed paste 500 gr

Ground Zgougou for the preparation of the traditional cream of assida. It is a sweet cream decorated by pastry cream with dried fruits, drage ..

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Pâte de pin d’Alep instantanée Assidat Zgougou


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