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ORGANIC dried thyme high quality 50 gr



Thyme is a condiment that enhances tomato sauces, and your dishes but also an antiseptic and digestive herb. Organic dried thyme sold in 50 gr.

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Thyme brings a Mediterranean flavor that revives the flavors of your sauces and dishes.

High quality organic sun dried thyme.

Very popular in herbal tea and infusion, it has the property of boosting the respiratory system and the immune system. It facilitates digestion.

ORGANIC pure herb with artisan drying without oven.

Sold in pack of 50 gr

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Zammit with Green Barley 500gr

Zammit with green barley, is the traditional Tunisian product par excellence, it is a powder mix of light brown color based on barley and coriander.
It is consumed in the morning as a breakfast or as a snack. He has many properties.

Tunisian brand 500 gr jar


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