Organic Floral Water (Nesri) Organic Expand

Organic Floral Water (Nesri) Organic


Floral water of rose hips called Nesri in Arabic. Bottle of 100 ml

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Organic floral water of rose hips is used in both food and cosmetics.

Originally from the city of Zaghouan in Tunisia where it is used in the manufacture of the famous Kaak (Tunisian pastry), the floral water of rosehip or rosehip is mainly used to flavor cakes but can also be added in a salad of fruits.

Rosehip water is used to combat fatigue. For a whiplash effect, it is advisable to drink a small glass of wild rose water with a little sugar at breakfast, this will also facilitate blood circulation.

Applied to the face, it has a toning and anti-wrinkle effect. It is ideal for mature skin. Rosehip water can even reduce rosacea.

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