Djerbienne Harissa (Berber) Traditional Expand

Barley Bsissa flour BIO

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Bsissa flour is a typical Tunisian product, made by hand: Barley and chickpeas, but unlike other recipes, our Bsissa BIO also contains seeds of fennel, coriander and cumin.

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Bsissa is a culinary preparation of the Maghreb countries since ancient times that still exists today.

The recipes are broken down by region and family.

How to use:

Mix the Bsissa flour with olive oil and stir. The mixture should not be too liquid or too strong.

You can add icing sugar, or honey and you can add spices, dried fruits ... Depending on your taste.

Bsissa is a real source of energy and has many properties due to the ingredients that compose it.

It promotes secretions and contributes to good digestion. It also stimulates the appetite.

Its nutritional qualities and its high calorie and fiber allow the young person to better support the hunger during the day.

Sold by 300 gr

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