Care Pack Alum and Musk Expand

Care Pack Alum and Musk

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This pack includes:

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This pack includes:

- 50 g of powdered alum stone scented with musk
- An Alum
- Extrait naturel de musk 100% naturel sans alcool.

All nicely tied up in a transparent plastic packaging.

- 50 g of powdered alum stone scented with musk
Powdered alum stone can be used as a natural deodorant or aftershave as to soothe razor burn and stop bleeding.
This powder is white and scented with musk.

The powder is applied by simply wetting his fingers before dipping into the powder you have taken care to put in a pot, and the switch to gentle massage on the affected areas and remove the superfluous with a towel.

- A mineral stone alum and natural 100/150 g
Ingredients: Potassium alum, musk pure natural fragrance.

Simply apply the Alum natural wet skin (armpits, feet, face ...) since the stone is water soluble. She is very well tolerated by sensitive skin.

Longevity of months makes this purchase well economically.

Property alum:

- Anti-perspirant: salt Alum is a mineral extracted from natural quarries, it regulates secretions and neutralizes odors of perspiration while letting the skin breathe. The Alum powder is ideal for walkers. One can sprinkle the powder in his shoes and avoid sweating.

- Astringent: its astringent action prevents the effects of ingrown hairs. The powder regulates perspiration tightening pores of the skin and fight against odors.

- Stop the bleeding

- Softens the skin

- Purifying

- Anti-bacterial

the musk
The musk scent provides a delicate natural and wild.

The all beautifully presented and tied in a transparent plastic packaging.


Très bon emballage tant pour l'envoi qu'à l'intérieur du colis.
la poudre d'Alun est vraiment de la poudre, ultra fine : très agréable.
Le roll-on sent divinement bon.
Merci pour tout !


    Très bon produits!! Livrés en temps et en heure et en bon état.

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