Feuilles d'orties séchées bio 50 gr Expand

Organic dried nettle leaves 50 gr



One of the best therapeutic herbs, many clinical studies have shown that taking nettle can reduce the intake of anti-inflammatory drug, tests have also demonstrated its incredible benefits on the body and effective against several diseases.

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Properties of the plant:

- Diuretic (Urinary calculus, Urine retention, Renal function stimulation ...)
- Detoxifying
- Calming, Anti-inflammatory
- Hypo-allergenic
- Anti-diarrheal

Prepare an infusion of nettles.

- For: 12 to 15 g of nettle, it is necessary to use a liter of water

- Brewing time: 10-15 min

- Ideal temperature for brewing: 100 ° C


The tea is tasteless and is drunk both hot and cold.

You can make a mixture of herbs like rosemary, thyme or lavender to broaden the therapeutic effect.

You can also add honey to taste better.

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